>The Jug Is Empty


So, farewell to Morecambe’s derelict Arena Funfair and its bleakly photogenic Jug Of Tea hut (though it was more of a bunker). According to This article this ugly-beautiful bit of Lancashire history is finally going to be removed. I’m amazed it lasted as long as it did. I’ve long been an admirer (is that the right word?) of the place, and about 18 months ago I wrote this article for Nothing To See Here.

Thanks to Trevira for the link and This photo of the workmen moving in.

About teninchwheels

Designer, photographer and Vespa-fixated pub bore. Born in Yorkshire, living in that London these past 20 years. Get in touch at teninchwheels@gmail.com, especially if you'd like to send me some free beer.
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1 Response to >The Jug Is Empty

  1. ally. says:

    >the poor dear thing. i wish people could see the treasure right under their nosesx

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