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>Harpy Daze

>London’s Zone 1 has loads of terrible pubs, many good pubs, and a few great pubs – but I can really only think of two (I am always keen to find more) which rank among the best places I’ve ever … Continue reading

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>Crossbones Style

> The Borough and Bankside – the locales just south of London Bridge – are a good place to explore. It’s an area rich in ghost signs, quirky buildings, good pubs and of course, the justly famous Borough Market. It’s … Continue reading

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> Some scooterists make a point of riding in all weathers. Not me, I’m a softy. If it’s too wet, too grey, too cold or even too hot, the PX (‘Dino’) remains unlocked. Somedays the weather’s perfect and I just … Continue reading

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>"It’s just … it’s fairyland…"

>Jonathan Ross is back on TV tonight. Joy unbounded. I am literally vibrating with delight. Anyway. Here is a reminder that there’s nothing new about presenters behaving badly. It’s the broadcast of the 1937 Spithead Review by BBC Radio commentator … Continue reading

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>Local Hero

>I’ve yet to live in a London neighbourhood with more than a handful of decent pubs. In Bethnal Green we had the Pride Of Spitalfields, The Owl And Pussycat and our regular haunt, the Carpenters Arms. We visited so frequently … Continue reading

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>I’ve worked with several people who interviewed Tony Hart over the years – by all accounts he was a real gentleman of the old school. Most “creatives” over 30 owe a debt to him.

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>Until a year or two ago, I was a Guardian reader. I’d first started reading it at art college when Pentagram and David Hillman’s groundbreaking redesign brought me to it, but I stayed with it because I liked the paper’s … Continue reading

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>One of my oldest friends has a long professional association with Keighley’s most famous firm, Timothy Taylor. On his visits to the brewery, he often finds that a crate of their beers has been mysteriously left by his car – … Continue reading

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>Feeling Supersonic

>Despite the allies reconquest of Europe, London was a dangerous place as WW2 rushed to its climax. From September 1944, the Nazis started to use their terrifying V2 rocket against Great Britain. It was a massively destructive weapon that travelled … Continue reading

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