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>Through A Glass Darkly

>Along with discarded chicken boxes, vintage scooters, and Fiat Cinquecenti, I am unable to pass a seaside telescope without photographing it. Rusty, crusty one-eyed sentries looking out to sea, no matter what the weather. There all seem to be be … Continue reading


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>Lazy Blogging, Part 5.

>,t=1,mt=video Early morning? Illegal speeds? Paris? 1970s? Mon Dieu! It’s beyond irony that the world’s dullest band used this film in one of their vids. I’ll stick with the engine note of the Ferrari 275, thanks.

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>Just Fancy

> I can’t visit Scarborough without checking that John Werrit is still open. This shop always loomed large in our childhood visits to the town, with its mesmerising display of novelties (is this what is meant by ‘fancy goods’ – … Continue reading

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>Modern Times

>Home this weekend to Keighley, the town where I was born, bred and buttered. I lived there until I was 21, when I left to become a media ponce Down South. It’s a friendly place, where it is impossible to … Continue reading

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>When You’re Getting On A Bit.

>Yorkshire in the 1980s wasn’t all corrupt coppers, serial killers and striking miners, despite what David Peace thinks. There was also the immortal Shackleton High Seat Chair advert, which ran on Yorkshire TV for years – at least until the … Continue reading

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> For a place that makes driving so difficult, central London certainly has a lot of multi-storey car parks. Soho alone has about eight – including this one on Poland Street. On the rare occasions that Mrs TIW and I … Continue reading

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>New Coat

> The North Star – Leytonstone’s best pub by a mile – has had a rough time lately. Some bureaucratic glitch prevented their licence being renewed, leading to about a month of forced closure. There was also a bizarre and … Continue reading

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>Lazy Blogging, Part 4.

> The stupendously foliaged Bonnie “Prince” Billy, I Am Goodbye.

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>On the Bus

>In our increasingly sterile countryside, it’s getting quite rare to find one of those houses or farms that always have a number of rotting vehicles in their gardens, along with an angry dog on a ten-foot chain. The picture above … Continue reading

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>Old Skool

> I’m not the first scooterist in my family. Here’s a photo of a fashionable and youthful TIW Senior on his 1957 Lambretta LD150, in about 1960. The picture was most likely taken by his mate Mal, who bought an … Continue reading

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