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> There was a time when I would never set foot in a JD Wetherspoon. In my early years in London I was on a Junior Designer’s salary, and without getting all Four Yorkshiremen on you, the Camden Head JDW … Continue reading

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>Absolute Zero

>It was Worldwide pinhole photography day on saturday. I’m a big fan of low tech cameras and it doesn’t come much lower tech than something which is literally a box with a hole in it. Diehard pinholers (like the hugely … Continue reading

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>Lazy Blogging, Part 7

>Inspired my neighbour – he’s French, goes jogging in a business suit and has spent the last five years doing up his house with the curtains drawn – Tom Waits’ What’s He Building?

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>Closing Time

>Most towns have one. Some have more than one. Some unfortunate towns have nothing but them; rough pubs. I don’t mean the type celebrated by tongue-in-cheek guides, with a meat raffle, a copy of the Racing Post left on a … Continue reading

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>On The Lam

>Cats and dogs. Apples and Oranges. Lambretta and Vespa. Sort of the same, and also completely different. I love walking, but when I set off on a ride, I don’t want to complete the journey on foot or sit in … Continue reading

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>Being Served

>One of the joys of visiting somewhere new is finding a shop that is still trading just as it has for decades. On our way to Devon we wandered off the A303 and found ourselves at Ilminster, a place neither … Continue reading

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>Folk Law

>The people of North Devon are an independent lot. It’s not exactly The Wickerman out there, but if they run into a problem they like to fix it in their own way. I was once on a bus that was … Continue reading

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>We’re just back from North Devon, where my in-laws have the good fortune to live. Even in the 21st century Bideford feels like a pretty remote place, with only the A386 or A39 getting you to the town. Train by … Continue reading

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>Lazy Blogging, Part 6.

> brilliant short from tilt-shift maestro Keith Loutit. Real tilt-shift lenses are stupendously expensive specialist kit but, as usual, the interweb jumps to the rescue with a fake Tilt-shift maker, if you fancy having a go. Here’s a couple of … Continue reading

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>There’s A Riot Goin’ On

>Charlie and Susie are up from the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester to chuck litter bins through McDonald’s window and shout at secretaries from Goldman Sachs in the battle against globalisationists and capitalist running dogs (but not Uncle Peter and his … Continue reading

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