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>Lazy Blogging, Part 8.

> Empire Of The Sun: We Are The People

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>Back In The Day

>We’re having windows fitted, which meant transplanting all my books to the other side of the house. One upside to this chore was finding a drawing book that I thought I’d lost years ago. When we lived in pre-gentrified Bethnal … Continue reading

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> It wasn’t easy being a young biker in the early 60s. You might have a Norton Dominator with Rita Tushingham on the back, but good luck finding somewhere that would serve you a frothy coffee. Society was in high … Continue reading

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>Missing Link

> Last year my beloved Sprint Veloce failed her MOT, and shamefully I never got round to getting the work done. Apart from the engine being turned over every couple of months, Bella languished in a corner of our garden, … Continue reading

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>Harp and Harp

>I was lucky enough to be at the press preview of Terminator Salvation last night. The film looks great, with a pumping first half. However, the plot has holes big enough to park a battleship in, some wincingly corny scenes … Continue reading

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>Enjoy The Silence

> William Castleman’s time-lapse film of the Milky Way rising over the 2009 Texas Star Party in Fort Davis, USA.

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>If It Had To Be Done

>Here we go again – Eurovision time. The yookay entry this year is Jade Ewen with It’s My Time, which sounds like the national anthem of a new Baltic state. I know the British have nothing to prove about song … Continue reading

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>Behind The Green Door

> Every town has a pub that nobody seems to visit. Nobody is ever seen entering or leaving. Nobody knows anyone who’s ever been in. The Lamb is Bideford’s example. For the twenty-odd years I’ve been visiting Devon, I’ve wanted … Continue reading

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>Hello Sailor

> Considering it was the original reason that the city grew, the Thames is a criminally underused feature of London. Nowadays most shipping gets no further than Tilbury, though the odd cruise liner ties up next to HMS Belfast by … Continue reading

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>"A Charlady’s Car"*

> The Mini is 50 today. Apart from a flirtation with a Renault Clio, Our Lad’s always driven Minis. He kicked off at 17 with a kumquat-coloured Mark III, and followed that up with a couple of Coopers in which … Continue reading

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