> If you live in Manchester, you can now pay £30 to have your fingerprints taken – yes, exactly like a criminal – at a Post Office, along with 49 other types of information and stored on a central government database.

Presumably, the crooks, terrorists and illegals can carry special ID cards with a red edging.

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8 Responses to >Madchester

  1. Velky Al says:

    >Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? As much as I am proud to be British, I am glad I left – although the way the world is heading these days I am sure it won’t be too long until we all ahve special badges to wear on our jackets indicating who we are.

  2. >Or barcodes on our foreheads …

  3. bikerted says:

    >Pay for an ID card? Don’t think the low life’s in Robin Hood county would do that, or in Manchester come to think of it.Why not just put a chip in babies ear as soon as they are born.

  4. >bikerted – I wouldn’t be at all surprised of there’s a think tank planning that already.

  5. Velky Al says:

    >If they plan to put barcodes on our foreheads does it mean we all have to support Newcastle United?

  6. Tandleman says:

    >I qualify for one. I won’t be applying!

  7. rich says:

    >If you’ve got nothing to hide…you’ve no need for a freakin’ piece of plastic to prove it to the authorities. What? It doesn’t prove anything? But it stops terrorists right? What do you mean the Madrid bombers all had valid Spanish ID cards and the London bombers all came from Leeds? Damn.Absolute disgrace. Don’t let me get started on how the IT side of it is a COLLOSAL failure waiting to happen. “It’ll be secure”, my arse.

  8. Affer says:

    >Catching Up 2: *sigh* we already have Tesco Clubcards don’t we? Do we need anything else? Numpty Gov’t……….!!!

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