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>Lazy Blogging, Part 9.

> Flight Of The Conchords – ‘Friends’.

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>Rockin’ Russians

> Mother Russia, home of the great constructivist graphic designers like El Lissitsky, Vladimir Majakovsky and Alexander Rodchenko. Home also, to the anonymous artists behind this collection of brilliant, amusing and downright frightening collection of Russian album covers.

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>The Last Night Of The Fair

> Yesterday, we visited Carters Steam Fair at Victoria Park in ‘ackney. The Olympic construction has closed all the short cuts to the lungs of the East End, which is a bind if you don’t want to travel by car, … Continue reading

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>Swingin’ Safari

> Sacha Baron-Cohen’s latest flick BrĂ¼no is out today, which is as good a reason as any to mention his family’s shop. Baron Of Piccadilly have been punting togs to discerning gents for decades at 210 Piccadilly. Seemingly aloof of … Continue reading

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>Swarmy Weather

> I think this is the ninth time I’ve been on the Great London Rideout. Ten if you count the time I turned up on a bicycle to watch – a brief and unpleasant encounter with a Camden bus the … Continue reading

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>Rocking Roll

>It has been speculated that one reason the Americans suffered so heavily on D-Day was their reluctance to adopt the ‘funnies’ – experimental kit developed by the British for theirs and the Canadian beaches. Gold, Sword and Juno were no … Continue reading

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>The Crow Road

> Near Barnstaple in North Devon are the Braunton Burrows, the largest sand dune system in the British Isles, and a UNESCO biosphere reserve. It’s a huge, wind-washed tract of marram grass, dandelions and purple thyme where it’s easy to … Continue reading

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> I started college just when the Apple Macintosh was coming in as a viable tool for the print industry. A typical day’s study would have us getting familiar with the astonishing Mac II in the morning, and then handsetting … Continue reading

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>My good pal Stu had his stag do on saturday. The original plan was to start the day with a few jars somewhere, and then shoot some clay pigeons. Someone who’d been to university rather than art college then pointed … Continue reading

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