>Swingin’ Safari


Sacha Baron-Cohen’s latest flick Brüno is out today, which is as good a reason as any to mention his family’s shop. Baron Of Piccadilly have been punting togs to discerning gents for decades at 210 Piccadilly. Seemingly aloof of all that fashion nonsense, it’s probably the last place in Britain where a chap can still get a safari suit.

Baron Of Piccadilly


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7 Responses to >Swingin’ Safari

  1. Maga says:

    >Saudações de Lisboa-Portugal

  2. TIW says:


  3. ally. says:

    >well i never – baron is very nearly my favourite store in the west end especially on a winters evening when the glorious sign glows dimlyx

  4. TIW says:

    >Hi Ally – I thought you might appreciate it!

  5. Affer says:

    >It's that superb coat-of-arms that does it for me! Talk about superior branding…..!1

  6. Anonymous says:

    >Baron of Piccadilly is closing down – the building's Crown Estate and they're demolishing it with no objection from either Westminster Council or Boris Johnson.

  7. TIW says:

    >Oh, that is a shame. Thanks for the news, anyway 'anonymous'. Piccadilly is finally becoming as bland as Covent Garden.

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