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> I’m going to be rather busy for the next fortnight or so. A perfect storm of work commitments, a leaky roof and laptop problems means I might not be able to post for a coupla weeks. My semi-accurate rants … Continue reading

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>Talking Of Butchers

> Asda opened last week near Keighley station. The local councillors decided that a town of barely 60,000 souls couldn’t manage with just a Sainsbury, Aldi, Morrison’s, Netto, Iceland and umpteen local Co-op Food Fairs. Nope, the needs of the … Continue reading

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>Super Pie Guy

>It started with one, and ended up with nine. And it’s getting quite expensive. I’m talking about the amount of meat-and-potato pies my colleagues insist on me bringing back from trips to Keighley. My parents’ local butcher, Herd’s, has been … Continue reading

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>Twenty-Six Inch Wheels

> Apparently, cycling is undergoing such a rebirth that retailers of can barely keep up with demand. Maybe the downturn is literally making people get on their bike to look for work, just as my maternal grandma did at the … Continue reading

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>Forty Years On

>Later this year, I turn 40. Most of my mates reached this alarming milestone in the past few months. We’re each strapping on our ale beards to try 40 beers that are new to us over the 365 days from … Continue reading

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>The Keighley News

> Bad news for the drinkers of Keighley. The Albert, leased from Timothy Taylor by the Ossett Brewery for the last eight or so months, is back with the original owners. I say bad news, but it’s all relative – … Continue reading

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>A Sort Of Homecoming

> Carlisle, The Great Border City. It’s where I went to art college back in the early ’90s. Cumbria College Of Art And Design was a small institution, happy to be a provincial specialist college a long way from anywhere. … Continue reading

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>If Spoons Could Talk

> This spoon lives in my grandma’s cutlery drawer – she uses it for stirring soup. It’s had at least three owners, four if you count the US government to whom, I suppose, it still technically belongs. The previous custodian … Continue reading

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