>The Keighley News

> Bad news for the drinkers of Keighley. The Albert, leased from Timothy Taylor by the Ossett Brewery for the last eight or so months, is back with the original owners. I say bad news, but it’s all relative – nobody will mind having Taylor’s ales back at the Albert (although Ossett did have a couple of TT pumps as ‘guests’), but it was nice to have the full range of another brewery in the town. I only managed to get into the Ossettised Albert once, but I was very impressed. The Albert had been refit from a tired old rocker’s pub – complete with motorbike bolted to the wall – in about 1995 when Taylor’s refurbished their entire estate, and ended up being done in a sort of chintzy Victorian-lite. Ossett improved the interior a lot with a their retro-contemporary touches, open fire and knocked about Windsor chairs. The beer was spot on, too – especially the Silver King which is still a favourite of mine. It’s not clear why Ossett’s bridgehead in Keighley failed – some say it was caused by contractual wranglings with Taylor’s. It might simply be that footfall wasn’t enough to justify the battalion of seven or eight (ten?) handpumps and a large pub which must have cost a small fortune to run. I don’t have any pictures of the Albert’s interior, but there are some here on the fine Huddersfield-based beer ‘n’ pubs blog A Swift One.


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4 Responses to >The Keighley News

  1. Affer says:

    >Sad! I love TT – miss it out here – but it doesn't have to become ubiquitous…..slurping Ossett ales makes a nice change. Meanwhile, the hot news (unsubstantiated) is that Copper Dragon has gone bust, which, if true, is a bit of a shame but a good opportunity for someone. Like Ossett.

  2. Will says:

    >Just wasn't doing enough business apparently which is a real shame. Always a gamble this one though and Ossett really need to concentrate on fighting their own battles right now.

  3. Tandleman says:

    >Surprised at the Copper Dragon bit. Is this really true? Nothing on the web about it – aprt from this?

  4. TIW says:

    >It's intriguing isn't it? Get sleuthing, Affer!

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