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>Forty Beers – Part One.

>A few posts back I declared my intention to try 40 new beers in this, my fortieth year. The first new ones I tried were on the day after my birthday, with the bottles picked up at the Berlin Beer … Continue reading

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>Southern Beer

>I “went” 40 somewhere between Berlin and Halle on our nachtzug to Munich. Long-distance train travel in Germany is always enjoyable – especially if you treat yourselves to a sleeper carriage (cheaper than a hotel plus flight) with its own … Continue reading

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>Ich Bin Berliner

> After the sweaty streets of Madrid, Berlin felt positively arctic at “only” 28 degrees. It was good to be in beer country once again, and one of our first stops was the Georgen Brauhaus on the banks of the … Continue reading

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>Jamon Jamon

>I’ve always been quick on the uptake. It only took me 48 hours to realise that the ladies “shopping” in the streets around Madrid’s Callao metro station weren’t following some local fad for dressing like hookers. They actually were hookers. … Continue reading

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>Sultans Of Swing

>Leaving the Sabastianos to their gilded lives, we set off to Santiago De Compostela – by train. There’s one RENFE service a day and it takes 12 hours. I devoured two books, listened to most of my ipod and had … Continue reading

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>Pintxo Point

>San Sebastian is one of those places that has you gazing longingly into the windows of estate agents within hours of arriving. It’s such a beguiling mixture of climate, beauty, people and food. Blimey, the food. There’s such a load … Continue reading

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>Her Britannic Majesty Requests And Requires

>There are two people that I am certain to meet on every holiday. One is the Over Friendly But Essentially Well Meaning Drunk. On this trip he popped up at the Highlander Bar in Albert, repeating several times the – … Continue reading

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>An Unfortunate Region

>Our visit to that field in Picardy was part of a trip we cobbled together after the work stuff mentioned below was postponed. Better still, the roof was sorted quicker than I expected, and the computer seems to have fixed … Continue reading

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>The Old Front Line

> My brother and I are walking up a country lane just to the South West of Grandcourt, a tiny hamlet in Picardy. It’s all nodding, golden corn and drowsy hedges now, but the gravel under our feet is full … Continue reading

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