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>Lazy Blogging, Part 15.

>Not been posting much recently. Sorry. I just haven’t seen, read, done or drank anything worth blogging about. Life has been ploddingly predictable. I’m sure you didn’t want to read about me painting the bay windows of our house. Anyway … Continue reading

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>Lazy Blogging, Part 14.

>Harry Nilsson: ‘Jump Into The Fire’

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>Broon tale

>So, Newcastle Brown is (probably) off to Tadcaster. Much as I’m all for region-specific products I can’t bring myself to feel anything about this, unlike the demise of Tetley. If the scary factory shown on Oz And James Drink To … Continue reading

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> The picture above is one of the three Evening Standard pitchers near Monument tube station, taken on the day London was awarded the Olympic Games, and the day before the 7/7 bombings. Until April one of his neigbouring sellers … Continue reading

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>The Darkness

> Despite the minicab drivers, boy racers, weekend millionaires in hired BMW M3s, hooded yoofs who think it’s wussy to use pedestrian crossings, the weather, stray dogs, falling branches, bendy buses, pizza delivery mopeds, phone-yakking Audi drivers, spilled diesel, National … Continue reading

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>40 Beers, Part 5

>In the interests of blog-advancement TIW will drink anything. Even beer of the type not supped since I could convince a rightly-dubious Mr Chad that I was old enough to buy 4 tins of teen party-tastic Gold Cross Lager, Challenge … Continue reading

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>Lazy Blogging, Part 13.

>Flight Of The Conchords: ‘We’re Both In Love With A Sexy Lady’

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