>Does the world need another movie remake? The 1947 classic Brighton Rock is being ‘reimagineered’, this time set amongst the mod and rocker deckchair-chucking events of the early 60s.

A problem for any filmmaker wanting a load of youngsters on classic scoots is that youngsters don’t ride classic scoots. Well, not many do anyway. I suspect the director Rowan Joffe approached numerous established scooter clubs for extras, which is why most of the riders in this clip, filmed by a friend-of-a-friend, look distinctly thirty and forty-something and to be fair, portly. Well, would you lend your pride and joy to an 18-year old to ride up and down Royal Parade? Me neither.

(This was filmed in Eastbourne. Brighton is too er, Brighton-y these days. Incidentally, the famous scene in Quadrophenia when the mods ride over the crest of the hill and stop to look at Brighton set before them? They were actually looking at Eastbourne from East Dean Road).


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4 Responses to >Modernisation

  1. ally. says:

    >well i never. what will they think of next. half a new idea hopefully.never been to eastbourne but it's very high on my seaside list.x

  2. TIW says:

    >Only been once, and that was to the air show so I didn;t get to see much, but it looked like my kinda town. Eastbourne is home to Macari's Ice Cream Parlour (which was closed for hols when I was there).

  3. Affer says:

    >Brighton not Brighton-y enough…ha! And it's true really. Mind you, Eastbourne, when I was there in September, is NOTHING like it was when I was there as a nipper. Seaford hasn't changed much, but for a small South Coast town completely unchanged, try Deal. Charles Hawtrey lived there…..marvellous!

  4. TIW says:

    >Ah, Affer! You back online then?

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