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>Lazy Blogging, Part 18.

> Flight Of The Conchords; ‘Think About It’

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>Bashing The Bishop

>I’m not alone in thinking that the Olde Mitre is one of the best pubs anywhere. The Mitre can be tricky to find, hidden away off Hatton Garden. If it wasn’t for the metal bishop’s hat stuck on the extinct … Continue reading

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>Indian Gears

>All over the world, anti-pollution legislation is killing off the two-stroke engine. This was one of the reasons given when Piaggio retired the geared Vespa – the much-loved PX – from their range of scooters. “But what about a geared … Continue reading

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>40 Beers – Part eight

>I’ve been lazy with this. I’m sure my many millions of readers have been repeatedly pressing F5 in the vain hope that I may have actually posted something about my ’40 beers’ project. I am in fact way past 40 … Continue reading

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>Gypsy King

>When I went off to art college in Carlisle, an old tutor of mine told me that he’d done his national service in Norway and Cumbria. And that of the two places, Carlisle was by far the coldest. In fact, … Continue reading

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>The Lost World

>Eisenhower’s in the White House, transcontinental TV’s just started, and Dad drives a Buick. All is well in America. These delicious slices of Americana come from Michael Paul Smith, creator of the fictional town of Elgin park. It’s a small … Continue reading

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>It’s Winter. It might snow.

>A text this morning from my mate John, who now lives in Penrith: “On 7.15 bus to Keswick in the dark to attempt a sunrise photoshoot up Cat Bells. Wearing three pairs keks, 4 tops, 2 pairs gloves, coat”. Our … Continue reading

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