>The Days Of A New Spring

The cherry tree outside our house has a magnificent blossom this year. On a bright day, it’s so luminous it looks like a photo taken on infra-red film. I love that tree. I’m always alert for council blokes in hi-viz vests who might want to chop it down to ‘improve’ the pavement. All that pollen played havoc with my hay fever last saturday as I converted Bella, my 1974 Vespa Sprint Veloce from a sort Fisher-Price Activity Centre for cats into what will be my summer ride. A good scrub removed the slick of protective WD40 and with four kicks she awoke from hibernation. Scooters don’t like being put away for winter. When I remove Bella’s covers for the first time, it always strikes me how much her headset looks like a dog sulking with its ears back. She’ll cheer up when I put some miles under those Ten Inch Wheels.

About teninchwheels

Designer, photographer and Vespa-fixated pub bore. Born in Yorkshire, living in that London these past 20 years. Get in touch at teninchwheels@gmail.com, especially if you'd like to send me some free beer.
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9 Responses to >The Days Of A New Spring

  1. Paul Garrard says:

    >One thing I shall miss about living at my last home was the avenue of cherry blossom in the next road.

  2. TIW says:

    >One of life's great free shows!

  3. Affer says:

    >I'd forgotten what a REAL spring was like until I moved to Turnipia. Spring in Skipton was mostly an easing of winter; here it's a full blown season. And I have noticed how,in the least two weeks, more scooters have come out of their cocoons in London!

  4. TIW says:

    >I've had stick in the past for being a 'fair-weather scooterist' – but there's no way I'm exposing the Sprint (or the PX) to road salt!

  5. Gerwise says:

    >As a lad in Hackney in the early 50's, I always wanted a Vespa or Lambretta (are they still alive) but they were too pricy for me. My gross pay in 1956 was 10.00 quid a week & I netted 8.00, so after giving mum 2 or 3 pounds for board & lodgings it didn't leave a whole lot left over to buy a scooter. I did covet one but I had to make do with my brother's Raleigh to which he had attached a motor on the back wheel. It did go as fast as about 25 or 30 mph and used a miniscule amount of petrol.

  6. TIW says:

    >Hi Gerwise,Thanks for visiting.Vespas are still made, though Innocenti who made Italian Lambrettas went out of business many years ago. They were made under licence until quite recently in India and Spain.My scoots don't go much faster than your old Raleigh!

  7. Gerwise says:

    >I've been reading some of your other pieces & I like your writing style, so I've decided to give it a go myself.If you can do it, why can't I? I think that I shall mainly concentrate on photographic & Mac topics.

  8. TIW says:

    >Go for it – i'll be sure to drop by and have a look.

  9. Gerwise says:

    >OK here's piece No. 1http://gerwisemusings.blogspot.com/2010/05/iphoneography.html

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