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>Not only a singular acting and filmmaking talent, Dennis Hopper was also a great photographer – one of his images ‘Biker Couple’ (1961) even making its way onto two volumes of the The Smiths Greatest Hits. None of his photographic … Continue reading

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>Lazy Blogging, Part 22.

> Wounded Lion: ‘Pony People’. Sorry. Been a bit quiet recently.

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>Singburi For Your Supper

>Unless you’re a fan of Alfred Hitchcock or live music there aren’t, to be fair, many reasons to come to Leytonstone. I don’t know what Hitch would make of the site of his dad’s old shop, which is now a … Continue reading

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>The Rat Race

>Much as I adore riding my scooters, mixing it with the traffic on Mile End road isn’t my idea of a proper larf. I haven’t used the Vespas to ride to work for many months, having worked out a cycle … Continue reading

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>Showbiz For Ugly People

> Ah, polling day. Returning to the primary school you left years before, to find a place that once felt like the inside of York Minster has shrunk to the dimensions of a large garden shed. People wearing rosettes whom … Continue reading

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>Heart Of Oak

> I didn’t even know we had wooden churches in England. And I didn’t know that the oldest wooden church in the world is 40 minutes drive from Ten-Inch Villas, down meandering verdant Essex lanes at Greensted. To give its … Continue reading

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