Not only a singular acting and filmmaking talent, Dennis Hopper was also a great photographer – one of his images ‘Biker Couple’ (1961) even making its way onto two volumes of the The Smiths Greatest Hits. None of his photographic output dates from later than the sixties – he claimed to never have carried a stills camera since the release of Easy Rider, his creative needs having being sated by directing that seminal movie. Sadly, he won’t now get to see his images in this year’s major retrospective at the Los Angeles Museum Of Contemporary Art. It’s named for my favourite image of his, Double Standard (below).


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5 Responses to >1936-2010

  1. Affer says:

    >He appeared in some dreadful films…but was always watchable. No-one played psychotic killers better than he did – so good, one wondered if he was really acting!

  2. TIW says:

    >Oh yes – Waterworld for one! But what an individual. He even lived in one of LA's roughest neighbourhoods for a bit – in a fortified house.

  3. Leigh says:

    >Wonderful photos.oh, and it's Blue Velvet for me, all the way.

  4. ally. says:

    >i've seen him with a stills camera. oh yes. at breakfast at that. we were desperately desperately trying to be nonchalant. badly. he made sure he had his reciept to validate his free parking toox

  5. TIW says:

    >See, you can be a Hollywood rebel and still be practical at the same time.

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