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>Even before the recent attack just down the road in Hackney, there seemed to noticeably more foxes around than ever. (Incidentally, Hackney has a bit of a record of unfortunate incidents involving animals, not least the chimpanzee burglar.) Where I … Continue reading

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>Hopfen und Malz Gott Erhalts’s

> Sooner or later in Munich, you’re going to encounter some stunningly rude “service”. Britain’s service culture sometimes leaves a lot to be desired, but I’ve never had “Yeah? What. Do. YOU. Want?” barked at me in a pub here, … Continue reading

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>Footy. Footy Footy Footy.

> God. I hate football. Football and anything to do with football. I did actually used to enjoy the World Cup, but the loathsome personalities in this years squad have put me off for good. Despite that, I like this … Continue reading

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>RIP Frank

> You know it is, it really is.

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>Summoned By Bells

>A favorite German beer of mine has long been Augustiner Edelstoff, along with Andechser and HB Helles. At the moment in Munich, you’ll be looking at paying about 4 euros a half litre for any of these. If you don’t … Continue reading

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>Ein, Zwei, g’suffa

>As Affer says in his comment on my previous post – you’re unlikely to get a drunken knuckling in Munich. The crime rate in Bavaria’s capital is hilariously low. The city police post incidents they’ve attended on their website, and … Continue reading

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>Helles and Back

>There’s nowhere like the Hofbrauhaus. Normally, I’m hardwired to avoid tourist traps but I love a night at Munich’s – if not the world’s – most famous pub. It’s such a ludicrous place that’s it’s impossible not to enjoy a … Continue reading

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