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> Managed to combine two of my favourite things today – pies and cycling. Boris Johnson very kindly put a dock of his new hire bikes almost outside my office door. Member’s card in the slot, green light on, a … Continue reading

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>Hire Ground

>We’re veteran bike hirers, Mrs Wheels and I. Cities all over Germany, rural Austria and Italy. Even in Nanjing, which we explored on prehistoric Flying Pigeons. We’ve never had the guts to try the Paris municipal hire system, the VĂ©lib, … Continue reading

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>Big Up

>Leytonstone Festival’s on at the moment. It’s a series of events through july and august, mostly with an arty flavour. In the library tomorrow is the E17 Designers Market, a reflection that property prices in the traditional arty strongholds of … Continue reading

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>The Moral Maze

>Simon Patterson kicked it all off of course, and here’s the latest homage to a homage. Click here to see The Poke’s London underground map with stations and lines made up of subjects that get the Daily Mail into a … Continue reading

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>The Green Man

>London’s famous for eccentrics. One of the most famous was Stanley Green, the ‘Passion Proteins’ man. When I first moved to London, stumbling my way around the city and feeling like I was the bloke in The Jam’s Strange Town, … Continue reading

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>Given The Choice

> The ebb and flow of pub closures continues in Leytonstone. Firstly, some good news. The Loaded Dog has reopened. This has had a pretty chequered past, even being run by Jamaican Yardies at one point, which resulted in a … Continue reading

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>The Lost City

> Forgive today’s double post. I’ve long been a collector of Geoffrey Fletcher, the artist and writer who spent the 60s and early 70s recording the bits of our capital that the tourists never ventured to – Limehouse, Whitechapel, Camden, … Continue reading

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>21st Century Fox

>Last night I bodged up a webcam to record our noisy neighbours. Apparently they live under a shed a few gardens away. I watched beetles and moths for about three hours until I realised that the bike cover (out of … Continue reading

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>The Long, Long Trail

> Almost a year ago, my brother and me took a trip to France to see where our Uncle Joe was wounded in WW1. Joe was with the 15th Durham Light Infantry, which on the 24th of August 1918 was … Continue reading

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