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>At Last, At Last

>You’re probably sick of me banging on about the dire state of beer in Bideford. I know I am. Despite the town being in part of the country studded with micro and regional breweries, it’s hard to find a decent … Continue reading

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>Hip To Be Square

> We were in Lyme Regis on our way back from a birthday trip to Devon. We liked Lyme, despite our visit to the only restaurant run by the Keystone Kops. Don’t be fooled by the pink sky in the … Continue reading

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>The Hunger

> Three things quicker than getting a pizza at the Lyme Bay Kitchen 1) The construction of the great European cathedrals 2) Otzi the iceman being spat out of the Schnalstal glacier 3) Walking from Fairbanks, Alaska to Cape Horn. … Continue reading

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>Mr and Mrs Storey’s store

> “My grandfather opened this shop. It’s still doing OK. We’re retired now, but we come in to keep an eye on things. When we took over from my dad there wasn’t even any lighting on the top floor. Those … Continue reading

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>Blue Bell? Would.

> I’ll try to get to the end of this post without using the tired old pub reviewers word ‘gem’. But I’ll struggle. I first heard about the Blue Bell about three years ago, after my mum and dad found … Continue reading

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>Round Our Way

>I never thought I’d say this, but Stratford is changing from the ragged patch in the torn backside of the old trousers hanging in the dilapidated shed of the East End, into somewhere fairly … nice. The pace of change … Continue reading

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>It’s A Yorkshire Thing

>Here’s wishing a happy Yorkshire Day to all Tykes, home or away.

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