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>"Badass, trigger-finger cool"

>1965, and the Hells Angels are properly entering the consciousness of the American public. These superbly atmospheric photographs were taken by Life Magazine staffer Bill Ray who, with writer Joe Bride managed to gain entry to the scary and chaotic … Continue reading

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>Mid-Century Modern

>London, city of surprises. When I first moved here I often used to walk down White Lion street N1, past a recess in a wall thick with a palimpsest of posters. Full of the flush of gentrification, Islington council had … Continue reading

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>Top Of The Charts

>Good innit? Available from Popchart Lab, it’s titled The Very Many Varieties Of Beer. 18 inches by 24 and printed on “80-pound card stock” (that’s American for thick paper) in Brooklyn, US-of-A. Click the picture above to embiggen it a … Continue reading

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>Nothing To Declare

>Just did an illustration for a mate – It was such a small job I didn’t even want paying. Nipped out of the office and returned to find a Utobeer bag on my chair. “Will those do?” says my teetotal … Continue reading

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>Not In Bruges

>Last weekend my parents and brother were down for the Skyride – as good a reason as any to try the bottle of Brouwerij Strubbe’s Leireken Wilde Vruchten that’s been lurking at the back of our fridge for months. I … Continue reading

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>The Diaspora

>Being lazy. Three trains cancelled. Tuts and frowns as I squeeze my bike on at a colourless Stratford. Elbows. Feet. Blackberrys. Ipods. The Metro. Mortgages. Dan Brown. Liverpool street. Doors, suits, barriers. A public school accent. “Yorkshire? Saw the sticker … Continue reading

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