>Playing The ‘Spoons

I’ve been offered some bad pints in my time, and i’ve even had to bat off the infamous “It’s meant to taste like that” cliché on a couple of occasions. But this is the worst example yet, encountered last friday at the (usually reliable) Crosse Keys as we caught the tail end of Wetherspoon’s real ale festival. Wasn’t even a full pint. Changed with no drama, but still – it shouldn’t have made it to the civilian side of the bar. It was meant to be a Marston’s Old Empire, but looked and smelled exactly like the residue in the bottom of the fish tank one of my housemates had back when I was a student. I think the correct term is ‘mulm‘.


About teninchwheels

Designer, photographer and Vespa-fixated pub bore. Born in Yorkshire, living in that London these past 20 years. Get in touch at teninchwheels@gmail.com, especially if you'd like to send me some free beer.
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8 Responses to >Playing The ‘Spoons

  1. >Only one comment I can think of…. 'ewwwwwwwww!'

  2. >the lout is never like that

  3. TIW says:

    >Meer – Imagine if you were a visitor to Britain and this was your first ever pint?Cooking – The very definition of your 'pongy'. Feel free to use it if you ever need a new avatar.

  4. JayZeis says:

    >I cannot believe that anyone would serve that. Beyond belief

  5. TIW says:

    >Shocking isn't it? A new low, even for London.

  6. Whorst says:

    >You are way too polite. I would have told whoever served that to me to stick it up their ass, in a most dramatic West Coast dialect. No way I'm paying for that, or drinking it for that matter. Grow a pair Ten-inch!

  7. TIW says:

    >@matt. Yes indeed,.@Whorst. Had a pair for a long time, thanks.

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