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>A Deep And Dark December

>There’s a Yorkshire dialect song that we used to sing at school. I can’t remember the title, or much else – just the line “Nivver bin warm sin ah left me bed” – ‘warm’ pronounced to rhyme with ‘calm’, obviously. … Continue reading

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>Bob Crow’s Nightmare

>This is amazing. A tube map showing the real-time positions of actual tube trains. Very clever computer geekery. Or magic. Or the proof of alien intelligence. Or something. It’s what the internet’s for, anyway. Been around since June, apparently. Your … Continue reading


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>This is the St Pancras Station Christmas ‘tree’, made from champagne bottles. I doubt the Strongbow tin was part of the artist’s vision – but this is London, and you never know.

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>“Don’t have that. It’s horrible.” Said the the friendly James May lookalike behind the bar. He was right. The sampler of Brodie’s Kosher Rye Ale he gave me smelt like gloss paint, and tasted like grass clippings. His recommendation of … Continue reading

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>Paper View

> It’s got a lot of potential, Leytonstone High Road, and it’s about to get two million quid’s worth of ‘improvements’. I’ve no doubt that this will amount to the railway bridge getting a touch-up and loads of new signs … Continue reading

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