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>Deeper Underground

> A few shots from a visit last year to The National Mining Museum near Wakefield. It’s on the site of the old Caphouse Colliery, which began producing in the late 1700s and closed, empty of economic coal, in 1985. … Continue reading

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>The Underground

> This sign’s next to the intriguingly named Slaymaker Lane, just outside Oakworth. The Lane is a place of childhood dares, myths and folklore. Pleasant in the daytime, at night the high stone walls and the thick curtain of trees … Continue reading

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>Homebrew 2.0

> Say hello to my latest effort, brewed from a Woodfordes Wherry Kit. I cooked this up at the end of january, fermented it for 12 or so days and then barreled it without flooding the kitchen. Apart from the … Continue reading

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>Porc En Croute Avec Pois Écrasés

>In the same way you don’t visit Yorkshire to get a sun tan, you don’t go there and expect to lose weight. On my week-long visit I consumed* fish and chips three times, a curry and three pies – two … Continue reading

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>Merry? Mungo In Fridge.

>I’m partial to the odd Pure Brewed Lager from Samuel Smith – but as I’m still doing a one-man boycott, the Tadcaster bullies’ beers are off limits. Apart from that, I’ve never really got on with British lager, even the … Continue reading

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>Silent And Grey

>A february sunday in Whitby.

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>Wheels Of Steel

>I now possess two scooters, half a car, a skateboard (somewhere) and four bicycles. The latest addition to the fleet is this late 1980s Raleigh Winner, which came thanks to the generosity of a nice chap I ‘met’ on a … Continue reading

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>Sir Titus Salt was just one of dozens of stupendously wealthy Victorian wool barons, but unlike many of the others he built a ‘model’ village for his employees – Saltaire. Now a world heritage site, It’s all still there, sandwiched … Continue reading

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