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“Ah’ll sithee”

The seventies. Party Sevens, power cuts, Wombles. Mateus Ros√©. Sitting in a hearing-aid beige Austin with a square steering wheel, waiting for the AA man. It’s thursday, 5.15pm on Yorkshire Televison. Here’s the legendary¬†Frederick Sewards Trueman as a sort of … Continue reading


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The Darkness

Prior to WW2, the family business (on my dad’s side) was haulage. And until my granddad rode off to Skipton and acquired their first lorry (teaching himself to drive it on the way home) it was all horse-drawn. My granddad … Continue reading

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A Mark Twain Moment

I am that rare thing – a Yorkshireman who is delighted to be wrong. Reports of the Bell’s death were exaggerated, despite all the eyore-ish scuttlebutt from some locals. After my gloomy recent post the Twitter faction of East London … Continue reading

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