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>So, here’s the result of my first-ever go at homebrew – the Brubox ‘London Bitter’ Our Lad got me for Christmas. I followed the (somewhat vague) instructions to the letter, especially the bit about the dangers of the bag bursting … Continue reading

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>American Friends

>Mrs TIW’s uncle and auntie are spending their retirement touring the US in a Fifth Wheel – or the world’s poshest caravan, as it’s also known. You can read about their escapades here. They’ve got an uncanny knack of bringing … Continue reading

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>A King At Night

>The original Tron was baffling for the thirteen-year-old TIW sat in Keighley Picture House. But Our Lad and me were there for the computer animation rather than the confusing but lame storyline. All done on the Foonly supercomputer with its … Continue reading

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>Git Yer Brew On

>When I were but a nipper, my dad was a full-grain homebrewer, boiling the mash in a huge, copper jampot. The aromas of his small-scale efforts filled our street and mingled with those from Timothy Taylor 200 yards down the … Continue reading

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>“Don’t have that. It’s horrible.” Said the the friendly James May lookalike behind the bar. He was right. The sampler of Brodie’s Kosher Rye Ale he gave me smelt like gloss paint, and tasted like grass clippings. His recommendation of … Continue reading

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>Rail Ale

>Never thought I’d look forward to visiting a pub near a train station. Finally got to the Euston Tap for a late-afternoon visit on monday. At first, the place was empty, except for an extremely posh young man who appeared … Continue reading

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>Playing The ‘Spoons

>I’ve been offered some bad pints in my time, and i’ve even had to bat off the infamous “It’s meant to taste like that” cliché on a couple of occasions. But this is the worst example yet, encountered last friday … Continue reading

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>David Vs Goliath Vs Valuev

>This is one of Marks And Spencers British beer range; Yorkshire Bitter. Not a bad drop – bottle conditioned, a chewy, fruity mouthful. It’s made for M&S by Cropton, currently undergoing legal proddings from eccentric Tadcaster brewer Samuel Smith. I … Continue reading

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>Just back from a short trip to Ghent. Castles, trapgevel, bicycles, chocolate, bells, canals, frites, stoverij, beer. Nice town – unlike Brussels, which seems to get filthier with every visit. We weren’t in Ghent long enough to really investigate the … Continue reading

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>In The Club Style

>Now it can be told. I’m a member of a club where men go to meet other men, and women are not allowed. There used to be dozens of these social clubs throughout the North. They were set up during … Continue reading

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