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>The Darkness

>Autumn. Season of clich├ęs and mellow fruitfulness. We’ve got a handsome cherry tree outside our house, which at this time of year sneezes about a ton of leaves into the front yard every couple of days. On saturday, sweeping that … Continue reading

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>40 Beers, Part Nine

>Almost there. 28) Orkney Red MacGregor (cask): A real tangy mouthful, lots of bitterness and zip. The colour of black tea that’s been stewing for a couple of hours. Darkly fruity nose. 29) White Horse Village Idiot (cask): Colour of … Continue reading

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>Forty Years On

>Later this year, I turn 40. Most of my mates reached this alarming milestone in the past few months. We’re each strapping on our ale beards to try 40 beers that are new to us over the 365 days from … Continue reading

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