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On The Way Home

A short film of me tootling along the Greenway last friday evening.  When I’m being lazy and feeling a bit chicken – which is most days, if I’m honest – I take this route because it swerves the Bow Roundabout … Continue reading

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>Biked Drinks

>It’s amazing how much you can carry on a bicycle. In those far off, pre-car, pre-Vespa days of dwelling in Zone One I could bring home a weeks shopping on my bike. Rucksack on my back, newspaper down my jumper … Continue reading

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> First proper trip on the homemade singlespeed this morning. Normally, it takes me about 40 minutes to ride the 5 or so miles to work. Even though it’s a nippy bike, I tend to ride like one of John … Continue reading

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>Missin’ Linx

>The final part of the singlespeed jigsaw arrived this morning; a cheap – and hopefully cheerful – KMC chain which will be fitted this weekend to my new ride. The only original components left on the bike are the frame, … Continue reading

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>The Flat Earth

>The 300-odd acres of sandy grasslands and mature trees that make up Wanstead Flats are seen as a bit of a sacred site in our part of town. It’s where you walk your dogs, play footy, ride horses, fly your … Continue reading

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>Hire Ground

>We’re veteran bike hirers, Mrs Wheels and I. Cities all over Germany, rural Austria and Italy. Even in Nanjing, which we explored on prehistoric Flying Pigeons. We’ve never had the guts to try the Paris municipal hire system, the Vélib, … Continue reading

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>The Rat Race

>Much as I adore riding my scooters, mixing it with the traffic on Mile End road isn’t my idea of a proper larf. I haven’t used the Vespas to ride to work for many months, having worked out a cycle … Continue reading

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>Souvenir Of The London Olympics

> My route to work skirts what will be the Olympic Park – there’s a cycle path between Leyton and Hackney Wick. The road traffic thunders to my right, and the 2012 games site grows at a barely believable rate … Continue reading

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>700mm Wheels

>Getting re-aquainted with my bike in july, I remembered just how much I love cycling, despite the odd encounter with appalling cretins in ugly German cars, no doubt paid for using the limits of several dubious credit cards (I’ll get … Continue reading

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