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Ride On

Please forgive the rubbish photo. Here’s my 1981 P125X ‘Dino’ parked up at work, next to my colleague Gerry’s well sorted mid-70s Rally. I’ve just got Dino back on the road after almost a year on a SORN-enforced holiday. I … Continue reading

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>Slight Return

> Well, whaddya know? Rumours have been circulating for months, but it looks like Piaggio really are going to start manufacturing the much-loved and much-missed Vespa PX again, in all its air-cooled, manual-gearboxed glory. The last PXs were made by … Continue reading

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>Yesterday I was in Brighton, “covering” – as we photographers say – the Brightona motorbike show. I was there for the scooters, specifically to photograph as many of them as possible in front of a certain gallery. These events being … Continue reading

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>The Days Of A New Spring

>The cherry tree outside our house has a magnificent blossom this year. On a bright day, it’s so luminous it looks like a photo taken on infra-red film. I love that tree. I’m always alert for council blokes in hi-viz … Continue reading

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>The Stench Of Neglect

>Cats have many owners. Their official one of course, and all the indulgent neighbours. It’s like that where we live, with portly felines begging at each kitchen door. At least three cats claim our front yard and back garden as … Continue reading

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>Indian Gears

>All over the world, anti-pollution legislation is killing off the two-stroke engine. This was one of the reasons given when Piaggio retired the geared Vespa – the much-loved PX – from their range of scooters. “But what about a geared … Continue reading

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>Does the world need another movie remake? The 1947 classic Brighton Rock is being ‘reimagineered’, this time set amongst the mod and rocker deckchair-chucking events of the early 60s. A problem for any filmmaker wanting a load of youngsters on … Continue reading

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>The Darkness

> Despite the minicab drivers, boy racers, weekend millionaires in hired BMW M3s, hooded yoofs who think it’s wussy to use pedestrian crossings, the weather, stray dogs, falling branches, bendy buses, pizza delivery mopeds, phone-yakking Audi drivers, spilled diesel, National … Continue reading

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>Warning: Scooterbore

>Owning a geared Vespa is like a secret handshake. A club without rules where every owner is a member. Wherever you are, Vespa owners always want to talk about their scooters – waiting at the lights, in the pub, in … Continue reading

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>Swarmy Weather

> I think this is the ninth time I’ve been on the Great London Rideout. Ten if you count the time I turned up on a bicycle to watch – a brief and unpleasant encounter with a Camden bus the … Continue reading

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