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>Those We Have Loved

> I’m a photographer who loves beer, so I’ve often got my camera with me in the pub. I’ve had nothing much to blog about just recently, so I hope you don’t mind me sharing some images of beer that … Continue reading

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>Just back from a short trip to Ghent. Castles, trapgevel, bicycles, chocolate, bells, canals, frites, stoverij, beer. Nice town – unlike Brussels, which seems to get filthier with every visit. We weren’t in Ghent long enough to really investigate the … Continue reading

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>Mr and Mrs Storey’s store

> “My grandfather opened this shop. It’s still doing OK. We’re retired now, but we come in to keep an eye on things. When we took over from my dad there wasn’t even any lighting on the top floor. Those … Continue reading

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>Blue Bell? Would.

> I’ll try to get to the end of this post without using the tired old pub reviewers word ‘gem’. But I’ll struggle. I first heard about the Blue Bell about three years ago, after my mum and dad found … Continue reading

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>Cofio’r hogiau

> On our trip to the Somme battlefields in July, the place with the most atmosphere by far was Mametz Wood. The site where the 38th (Welsh) Division was cut to ribbons between the 7th and 12th of July 1916 … Continue reading

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>Warning: Scooterbore

>Owning a geared Vespa is like a secret handshake. A club without rules where every owner is a member. Wherever you are, Vespa owners always want to talk about their scooters – waiting at the lights, in the pub, in … Continue reading

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>Southern Beer

>I “went” 40 somewhere between Berlin and Halle on our nachtzug to Munich. Long-distance train travel in Germany is always enjoyable – especially if you treat yourselves to a sleeper carriage (cheaper than a hotel plus flight) with its own … Continue reading

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>Ich Bin Berliner

> After the sweaty streets of Madrid, Berlin felt positively arctic at “only” 28 degrees. It was good to be in beer country once again, and one of our first stops was the Georgen Brauhaus on the banks of the … Continue reading

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>Jamon Jamon

>I’ve always been quick on the uptake. It only took me 48 hours to realise that the ladies “shopping” in the streets around Madrid’s Callao metro station weren’t following some local fad for dressing like hookers. They actually were hookers. … Continue reading

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>Sultans Of Swing

>Leaving the Sabastianos to their gilded lives, we set off to Santiago De Compostela – by train. There’s one RENFE service a day and it takes 12 hours. I devoured two books, listened to most of my ipod and had … Continue reading

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