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>Bunting High And Low

>Joe Fusniak would have been well looked after when he appeared at the White Lion, which remains a great, unpretentious pub. Not everywhere has remained unspoiled by progress, and not a few places in the Dales have been gastrated with … Continue reading

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>Sets Neat Prints Into The Snow

>Royal Wedding Day, Upper Wharfedale. Union Jacks flutter with Yorkshire flags in the late spring sun. Trestle tables are being set up on village greens, cakes brought out from ovens in ancient stone cottages. You couldn’t have asked for better … Continue reading

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>Molefinder General

>Upper Wharfedale is the last place in the country to still have a mole-drying industry. Here’s a late spring catch, desiccating nicely on a rack just outside Starbotton. Wharfedale Mole is a prized delicacy in Southern Europe, particularly in the … Continue reading

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>Deeper Underground

> A few shots from a visit last year to The National Mining Museum near Wakefield. It’s on the site of the old Caphouse Colliery, which began producing in the late 1700s and closed, empty of economic coal, in 1985. … Continue reading

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>The Underground

> This sign’s next to the intriguingly named Slaymaker Lane, just outside Oakworth. The Lane is a place of childhood dares, myths and folklore. Pleasant in the daytime, at night the high stone walls and the thick curtain of trees … Continue reading

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>Porc En Croute Avec Pois Écrasés

>In the same way you don’t visit Yorkshire to get a sun tan, you don’t go there and expect to lose weight. On my week-long visit I consumed* fish and chips three times, a curry and three pies – two … Continue reading

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>Silent And Grey

>A february sunday in Whitby.

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>A Deep And Dark December

>There’s a Yorkshire dialect song that we used to sing at school. I can’t remember the title, or much else – just the line “Nivver bin warm sin ah left me bed” – ‘warm’ pronounced to rhyme with ‘calm’, obviously. … Continue reading

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>David Vs Goliath Vs Valuev

>This is one of Marks And Spencers British beer range; Yorkshire Bitter. Not a bad drop – bottle conditioned, a chewy, fruity mouthful. It’s made for M&S by Cropton, currently undergoing legal proddings from eccentric Tadcaster brewer Samuel Smith. I … Continue reading

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>Central Keighley must be one of the few places to escape the decimation of its pubs. In recent years the town has permanently lost the Eastwood Tavern, The Masons Arms and The Market Arms – and that’s about it, although … Continue reading

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