Welcome Back

Hello, hello. That’s TapEast’s new brewkit getting installed, ready for their reopening tomorrow. I’m no maths genius, but I make that ten shiny new taps on the bar. I was slightly underwhelmed by my brief visit a month or so back, so I’m eager for a revisit to try their homebrew. Hopefully the management will be doing something to attract some of the four million people that have been to Westfield since it opened on the 13th of September – whenever I’ve wandered past on my way home the place looks almost empty and anybody not looking for TapEast is unlikely to find it by accident. By my reckoning, this will be the first time any commercial brewing has taken place in Stratford since 1925, which is when Savill Brothers was taken over and closed by Charringtons.

About teninchwheels

Designer, photographer and Vespa-fixated pub bore. Born in Yorkshire, living in that London these past 20 years. Get in touch at teninchwheels@gmail.com, especially if you'd like to send me some free beer.
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