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>Souvenir Of The London Olympics

> My route to work skirts what will be the Olympic Park – there’s a cycle path between Leyton and Hackney Wick. The road traffic thunders to my right, and the 2012 games site grows at a barely believable rate … Continue reading

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>Cofio’r hogiau

> On our trip to the Somme battlefields in July, the place with the most atmosphere by far was Mametz Wood. The site where the 38th (Welsh) Division was cut to ribbons between the 7th and 12th of July 1916 … Continue reading

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>The Mysterious Orient

>Coming from Yorkshire and not having at least a passing interest in rugby and cricket is like coming from Spain and not being a catholic – possible, but unlikely. I quite like boxing too, but I’ve definately got zero interest … Continue reading

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>Death Of A Thousand Cuts

> What makes London? What makes this barely-governable living city what it is? This city which I often hate but more often love? The people, the tube, the cabs, the pubs? The ‘London-ness’ of it all? The buildings? The shops? … Continue reading

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>Tin of doom

>I’m a designer, me. I like design that’s straight to the point. Economy of line and type. Less is more. I don’t think I could have done my job very well in the Art Deco era or at the height … Continue reading

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>Life And Nothing But

>On our visit to the Somme battlefields last July, we stopped at Lochnagar Crater near La Boiselle. This enormous dent in the Picard landscape was left by British miners detonating a total of 60,000 lbs of Ammonal under the German … Continue reading

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>Does the world need another movie remake? The 1947 classic Brighton Rock is being ‘reimagineered’, this time set amongst the mod and rocker deckchair-chucking events of the early 60s. A problem for any filmmaker wanting a load of youngsters on … Continue reading

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>40 Beers, Part 6

> I’ve expressed my love for Keighley’s Boltmakers Arms before. This tiny pub is the nearest thing Timothy Taylor’s has to a brewery tap, and serves the definitive pint of Landlord. It’s a pint of such unequivocal perfection that it’s … Continue reading

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>The Pleasure Killers

> Daft as it may seem, one of the world’s first ‘modern’ theme parks was at Shipley Glen in Yorkshire. For the Victorian and Edwardian mill workers of industrial Airedale, the fresh air of the Glen was a welcome escape … Continue reading

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